About Us

The Independent Ratings Company

The Independent Ratings Company is dedicated to helping business who believe in great customer service to stand out from the crowd and to use the positive experience of their customers to differentiate themselves from their direct competitors. In recent years we have all sub-consciously become a part of a global consumer group who will not buy anything until we have seen what our fellow buyers think.

Who We Are

At the heartbeat of everything is great service; so often neglected, but for those businesses which believe in it and understand its value embracing the views of its customers and using their feedback to drive change and continuously improve their offering and how they are seen in the market, there are tangible returns. Better qualified leads, higher conversion rates, and sustainable businesses which will stand the test of time.

The one thing which has never changed is the power of 'recommends'; good service will always bring its rewards in the same way that bad service will bring the exact opposite. All customers should be customers for life, not just single transactions; great customer service will make this possible.

Increasingly consumers and clients want to make sure that when they choose a supplier that they are choosing one which has 'customer service' embedded in its business culture and as the very heartbeat of its business. Many businesses operate this way, record feedback, but don't do anything with it which helps them to generate business as a consequence.

The Independent Ratings Company has a range of packages which will help you to do that, and will help you to monitor business performance. TIRC does not provide a comparison service, it provides you with your individual ratings site to use with your customers, and to drive benefits into your business. It's packages are suitable for the smallest family run company to the largest multi-national business operating world-wide.